At B&B Rental Agency, we understand and appreciate the trust our clients, some of whom have been with us as long as 50 years, place in us. We, as managers, provide services including but not limited to:

Tenant selection and acquisition
This process involves a thorough screening including an investigation of the prospective tenants criminal background, which is conducted by the Albany Police Department.

Rent collection
This includes both current and delinquent collections up to and including Dispossessory Warrants, and subsequent court appearances.

Accounting and reporting
A monthly statement will be issued which will clearly report all transactions pertaining to the client’s account. This will include full accounting of all rents collected, an itemized list of expenses accrued during the month, and listing of current tenants and vacancies. In addition, we provide year-end tax reporting including Form 1099 preparation and submission.

Our office routinely inspects all properties to insure that the grounds and buildings are clean and well kept, that there is no obvious vandalism or criminal activity, and an environment conducive to healthy living is maintained.

Procurement of maintenance and repair services
We arrange and inspect all services performed by our independent contractors to assure our clients that they are receiving quality work at the most competitive prices available.